Sunday, December 29, 2013

Osborne, Osborn, or Osbourne from Barbados to New York

It’s possible that I could I be related to Ozzie Osbourne who wrote the song “Road to Nowhere”; he’s from across the pond where my ancestors are from.   I am just kidding, but you never know. 

Take your pick of either spelling: Osborn, Osborne, or Osbourne.  My DNA match is a 4th to 6th cousin with 95% confidence from Ancestry.  The connection starts in Barbados with the family names Rebecca V. Farnum and husband Joseph R. Osborne.  When the Osbornes came from Barbados to the states it was around 1928 to Brooklyn, NY.  There is no connection to my relatives from the states I know about; Virginia and South Carolina.

Several months ago I made contact with a branch of the Osbornes, with the Barbados tie, but they do not know much other than when the family came over.   After exchanging info about our families, we remained stuck in Brooklyn, NY. 
I am soliciting help to found out who is the connection for our relationship.  Is there anyone out there in genealogy-land who is related to this branch of Osbornes or who can give me some help?


  1. I hope you are successful in finding your connection to the Osbournes and Barbados.

  2. Hi Dawn...sorry that I am just responding...I am trying to figure out another avenue to gain the info I am looking for...I am open for suggestions.