Thursday, December 19, 2013

Where There's A Will, There's A Way to a Westmoreland and Jeter Connection

I was desperate today!  I have been waiting to hear from a DNA match who is listed as my 2nd to 3rd cousin.  The last time she was on was October 22, 2013; I just missed her.  I sent her an email on 10/22/13, then again on 11/29/13 because she had not been on since October.  I was anxious to hear from her, but NOTHING.

On today, the detective in me said that there has to be a way to contact her.  I used her “handle” from to send her an email thru the major email servers (Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail); in the subject line I typed “DNA match.”  I got a hit!  When I got home from work I checked my email and there she was asking me to call her on her cell. 

We talked for a good forty-five minutes, trying to figure out how we are connected.  She is a newbie, so I felt compelled to give her some pointers and encouraged her to just stay focused so that she would not become overwhelmed with all the info.  Our connection is in the ballpark of Greenville, South Carolina; we will meet again on the phone when she gets back to North Carolina!
We do not share any common surnames, so we have our work cut out for us and we are up for the challenge.  We are addressing the names Westmoreland, Pilgrim, Jeter, Edwards, and Day; all from Greenville.
Now I can relax a bit!


  1. Very impressed with your detective skills. I can't imagine how excited you were to finally talk to your possible cousin. Can't wait to find out where you are linked. Great work.

  2. Wow, a 2nd to 3rd cousin, That's a pretty close connection as far as ancestry goes, no wonder you were diligent in tracking her down. I trust your sleuthing skills will help piece the connection together

  3. Clearly my dear, the Ancestors have connected you two & are leading the way. Give thanks for every small hill conquered because it brings you closer to your answer. Celebrate the connection made & the partner working with you to solve the mystery! Keep us posted!:)

  4. them South Carolina folks keep me on my toes. I got a DNA cousin in Greenville, that stays connected and informed. So I'm with you on this!

  5. Hi True...I am trying to find some SC folks I can stay connected to...thanks for being with me on my journey.